Hall Instructions

AV Equipment & Screen – Available for separate rental.

Please see special instructions below and on top of the cupboard containing the AV equipment in the small room at the back of the hall.

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Connection to a laptop

Instructions can be found on top of the cupboard containing the AV equipment


All rubbish and food waste after your class or event must be removed from the building. Please empty the waste bins in the kitchen and replace the liner. All rubbish should be in bin bags and placed in the large green topped bin at the back of the building in the car park. Recycling of bottles, cans and paper is encouraged but it is the responsibility of the hirer to remove the waste.

Cleaning Equipment

The hall should be clean when you take over the hall and it is expected as part of your hire fee that it should be left in the same manner. If there are any issues please let us know via email. Brooms /Mop/ Bucket in the cupboard on the right through double doors. Please use the “dettol spray and wipe” supplied to clean the floor.
Cloths are under the kitchen sink.
Toilet rolls – these are checked every week.

Cooker & Cooker Safety

Fire Blanket is located next to the Cooker.

Instruction Sheet enclosed in the hall “Bible” which you will find in the kitchen. However:

If the oven is not working please note the following:

1. Check that the oven is turned on at the main switch above the hob area.

2. Check the oven fuse. This is located in the main fuse box in the main hallway.

3. If the lights are flashing on the digital clock then the oven will not operate.

To reset the clock- hold down the first three buttons – A B and C – simultaneously. Adjust the clock using buttons E and F. Once the correct time has been reached (24-hour clock) release all the buttons and the time will be set. The oven should now turn on.


Currently located next to the Premier shop at the top of Hedgerley Hill, in the disused phone box. Full details can be found there


Full instructions can be found in the “Instructions for Hall users” notes, which will be left in the kitchen for your use.

Fire Extinguishers

Located in the Main Hall and Hallway. If these are used or removed please notify Sue at the end of hire.

First Aid Box

Located in the kitchen. Please notify us via email if anything is used and requires replacing.

Fridge & Fridge-Freezer

At the end of the hire:

Please leave the larger fridge ON and close the door

Please turn the smaller one OFF at the plug and attach red door openers. DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR

Heating – please only turn on heaters when necessary


Overhead heating switches are on the back wall to the left and right of the cupboards. They are labelled HEATING 1-6 – As you can imagine these are very expensive to use and we ask for your consideration when using them please.

If booster heating is required these are situated at either end of the hall with a yellow/red dial above each one. Please note these can be noisy, but are very effective.

The smaller wall heaters at low level on either side of the hall are for maintenance use only. Please do not alter any of the thermostats.

Overhead heater above door – switch is to the right of the door. Labelled HEATING.

There is an overhead heater above the side entrance door. Switch is on the left. Labelled HEATER.
There is also an overhead heater on the wall to the left of the cooker. Switch is below labelled HEATER.

There are heaters in each toilet. The switch for these is in the Main Hall to the right of the main doors.
Please ensure any heaters are turned off when exiting.
Hand driers in each of the toilets are automatic.

Hirers Should Bring: –

  • Black bin bags
  • Tea Towels and dish cloth
  • Torch (if dark during hire period)
  • Mobile phone


There is one key for both front and side entrances. This is now kept in the key safe which you will fine in the porch for the kitchen.  The code will be emailed to users just before your hire.

The padlock key for the Car Park can be found hanging inside the cupboard in the hallway. For safekeeping please relock the padlock on the chain whilst the gate is open.Please make sure all doors and windows are closed when exiting the building. Please also make sure the Car Park gate is closed and padlocked on exit.

Please ensure you return the key into the padlock safe in the lobby area outside of the kitchen


If entering through the front doorway:

FRONT PORCH – light switch is to the right as you enter – labelled FRONT PORCH. When this is switched to the on position the porch light will remain on constantly. On exit switch the porch light to the off position and push the circular switch next to it once. This will leave the porch light on for 5 minutes.

LOBBY – light switch is to the right as you enter – labelled LIGHTS.

LOBBY WALL LIGHTS – light switch is at the end of the lobby – labelled WALL LIGHTS

If entering through the side door:

SIDE PORCH AND KITCHEN HALLWAY – light switch is on left hand side – labelled PORCH AND HALLWAY

CAR PARK – light switch is on the left hand side labelled CAR PARK. If switched ON the light will remain on.

When exiting the Hall – switch the car park light off and push the circular switch next to it once. This will leave the car park light on for a further 5 minutes to allow time to exit. Please do not turn the outside lights on unnecessarily and please follow procedures to ensure they are turned off on exit.

KITCHEN light switch – just inside of the kitchen on left hand side – Labelled KITCHEN.

TOILETS – individual light switch inside each toilet. Please make sure they are all switched off when exiting the hall.

MAIN HALL – When entering the Main Hall through the double doors. Over head lights -light switches are on the wall on the left labelled

LIGHTS – Side wall lights – the light switch is further down the hall on the left.

Cupboard immediately to the right containing Cleaning and AV Equipment – light switch is on the wall outside the cupboard labelled CUPBOARD LIGHT. Please do not alter the switch on the wall inside the cupboard as this is a master switch for other heating services.

Cupboard to the right next to the Window containing tables and light weight chairs. Light switch for this is on the wall outside the cupboard labelled CUPBOARD LIGHT

The Store Room to the left at the far end of the Hall contains heavier upholstered chairs. Light switch is through the door and on the right.

Tables & Chairs

HEAVY UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS are located in the store room to the left at the far end of the hall. Please take a maximum of 4 chairs on the carrier provided. When returning chairs to the store room they must be stacked in FOURS.

LIGHT UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS AND TABLES are located in the cupboard to the right of the double doors next to the window. Chairs must be removed from the chair stacker which must remain in the cupboard. Please re-stack carefully when finished.


Land line is for emergency use only. If there is no dial tone, please check that it is switched on at the plug.
Please note the mobile signal in this part of the village can be poor depending on the network.

Details for Emergency Services
Post Code: SL2 3UU
Telephone no: 01753 646441
Address: Hedgerley Memorial Hall
Kiln Lane
Bucks SL2 3UU


GENERAL TAP WATER – There is a thermostat on the left- hand wall of the kitchen for hot water. Select the time required and turn on.


For low volume use kettle provided
For high volumes use the hydro-boil water heater on the wall to the right of the dishwasher. Switch is to the right of the boiler labelled WATER HEATER. It will take 10/15 minutes to heat up. Please be careful as this water is very hot when dispensed and may splash.



If the WIFI is not working (no blue line) please check that it is switched on at the plug.